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The Kingsdown Story

Continual pursuit of comfortable sleep

Since 1904, Kingsdown has hand crafted premium mattresses using only the finest materials while paying meticulous attention to every detail. Kingsdown is recognized as a pioneer in the sleep industry and one of the largest independent mattress manufacturers in the world with operations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

A Sleep Innovation Leader

Kingsdown possess an extensive portfolio of patents that reflect a long history of entrepreneurial spirit as a true innovator of mattress design and construction. Grounded in sleep science research, the exclusive bedMATCH® system is the world’s most intelligent diagnostic system for determining personalized support needs

Over 16 million of sleeper profiles and counting generated by bedMATCH®, builds a unique, proprietary body of knowledge and expertise that informs the creation of every handcrafted Kingsdown mattress – whether innerspring, hybrid, foam, latex or air, providing unparalleled levels of comfort and support.

A Global Presence
You can find Kingsdown mattresses in over 2,000 retailers around the world. International headquarters are located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada; Historic brand headquarters are in Mebane, North Carolina, where our legacy of comfort began in 1904.

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Sleep better. Live better.

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and benefits your heart, weight, and mind. Our research teams continue to develop innovative ways to improve sleep life to reach our full potential when awake.

A culture that inspires Innovation.

A caring culture of curiosity, problem-solving and leadership has inspired some of the most innovative advancements in the mattress industry. We listen intently to our families, our employees, and most importantly, to our customers.

A rich history of handcrafted perfection.

The Kingsdown brand has stood proud for over a century of craftsmanship, sleep science and undeniable comfort. Today, we combine handcrafted mattress artistry with modern manufacturing methods to produce the most perfectly comfortable mattresses.

Creating a better world.

We build products that last and are careful to select materials and manufacturing techniques that are best for the environment and limit waste in the production process and recycle most all fabrics and raw material.

Caring for Others.

Kingsdown is a proud partner of Sleeping Children Around the World, a global community of volunteers and partners who have transformed the lives of children in developing countries through a good night’s sleep.

in every detail

One encounter with a Kingsdown mattress immediately reveals why we reign supreme when it comes to a comfortable sleep experience.

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