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What Are Kingsdown® Customers Saying?

You may ask “How does a mattress business thrive for over 100 years?” It’s simple. We are dedicated to earning and keeping our customers’ trust, loyalty and respect.

Each employee shares the vision to go the extra mile needed to design and deliver the highest quality mattress possible. We answer to each other, to our families, and to our customers. We take pride in our work, in the artistry and craftsmanship we put into every mattress. Our goal is to build mattresses that not only feel great, but perform exceptionally well over time to improve the quality of your sleep. It’s true that our name and reputation depend on it, but more importantly, the quality of your sleep and life depend on it.

We take that responsbility seriously. Every mattress is crafted with care and designed with science to help you achieve the healthy sleep your body needs. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Take a look at these authentic Kingsdown reviews to learn how our mattresses have made a difference in lives around the world, one night at a time.

Kingsdown Mattress Reviews & Testimonials

I bought my Kingsdown mattress in Tucson in 2008. It is now 2018! It is BY FAR the best investment I've made in the past 10 years. I rarely turn it, it's a pillow top so I never flip it. I've been thin and heavy in the past 10 years. No sags. It's incredibly comfortable!!!! I've never ever had a bed that was as comfortable. I will never buy another brand. Anytime a family memeber would visit throughout the years I would give up my bed as I've lived in small places. Everyone comments on how comfortable the mattress is. My parents, in laws, aunt, grandmother. They all want our mattress!


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It breathes so much better, and I got one with a cooling gel layer. I can't say enough about the difference this mattress makes on a hot summer night.


Kingsdown would like to thank our retail partner, Bob Mills Furniture, for sharing the following product-related review with us:

My husband is a very large man, and I am not. He's 6'2" and about 220 pounds. I'm 5'1" and weigh 125 pounds. When we were trying mattresses we couldn't agree AT ALL on which one to buy. We took the test and found out he requires a far more firm level of support than I do, so we chose a Sleep to Live king mattress. It was actually custom built for us with my softer side and his firmer side. We also got the MOOD Base that allows us to raise our heads and feet. It has been over a year now and it is one of the best things we have ever done.

Liz & Stan  

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I had a king size bed that would not fit in my new apartment. Since it was time to replace the mattress anyway, I ended up choosing a Sleep to Live queen sized mattress at Bob Mills Furniture. I am very active, and I actually felt how much more energy I had at the gym within the first week, just from sleeping better. The difference is night and day. I can't tell you how happy I am that my old bed wouldn't fit.


I was very happy to search out this web-site. I wanted to thank you for your time for this wonderful read!! I'm  positively having fun with each little bit of it and I've bookmarked you to check out new stuff you weblog post.


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I recently bought a Kingsdown Somerset queen bed from Patrick at Affordable Bedding. This bed is one of the most comfortable beds I have slept on in my lifetime. I am sleeping more soundly and fall asleep quicker as well. I have had back surgery and this bed has helped to alleviate my back pain and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. The bed molds to your body weight and alleviates pressure point pain and discomfort. Patrick at Affordable bedding matches the superior bed quality with fantastic customer service. When you walk in to Affordable bedding, you feel no pressure and he helps you make informed decisions about what to buy. He is very knowledgeable about the science of sleep and will help match you with the best bed for your needs.


We bought a Kingsdown mattress from Sleepy 7 years ago. We spent good money for the comfort of a great mattress. The mattress started to sink on both side. Causing discomfort. I called Kingsdown spoke to two wonderful ladies who were so kind and professional and after they sent someone out to our house at their expense to measure the sag on our mattress. We were issued a credit for the full price of our mattress. We went to mattress firm and had a new very comfortable mattress in a short time. They surely do stand behind their mattresses. Would definitely buy from them again. A great company with great professional people. Thank you. Kingsdown


Kingsdown would like to thank our retail partner, Affordable Bedding, for sharing the following product-related review with us:

The best mattresses, the best customer service, the best experience I have had when buying a bed. I first bought a bed here when I moved to Asheville in 2009. At the time of delivery, the bed I had bought ended up being out of stock due to an oversight, and the store upgraded me for free to a mattress worth double what I paid. Amazing! and it's the best bed I've ever owned, Kingsdown, which now I found out is hand made and made in the USA. A few days ago I went in to buy a bed for my grandmother and Patrick who is the owner was amazing to work with. I bought a Kingsdown again and am so excited!! Patrick really carries only the best and knows all there is to know about mattresses and the rest. I recommend this store 200% and will only come here for all my mattress needs.


About 2 years ago we bought a mattress and box springs from a store in Elkin North Carolina. Since buying the mattress and box springs my wife and I have had nothing but back problems. I would not recommend this mattress and box springs

Kevin G.  

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My [old] mattress was terrible. I used to dread going to bed and would sleep on my couch instead. I took the BedMatch test at Bob Mills and got matched to my Sleep to Live king size mattress. I love going to bed now.


When I was 15 I had injured my back and my mother decided to get me a better mattress. She ended up getting me a twin size Wyndham Orthopedic (not made anymore). I slept on that mattress for 10 years before I moved in with my fiancé. I was adamant about keeping my mattress in hopes of one day using it for my child. It was wrapped properly and I had it in storage, my in laws' attic, back to storage, etc. Until one day, the child I was saving it for turned 4 and it went in his room. He will be turning 9 soon and I am a month shy of 35. I take naps on his mattress because I can't stand the one we have and have constantly said we should get a Kingsdown for us. Last week we bought new bedroom furniture and they sold Kingsdown...let's just say I am now waiting for my new mattress to arrive with some furniture and cannot wait to sleep. I have fibromyalgia and Lupus and my joints get very inflamed and my body will just hurt. I refuse to sleep on anying else but a Kingsdown. And my 20 year old Kingsdown is still perfect.


Kingsdown would like to thank our retail partner, Bob Mills Furniture, for sharing the following technology-related review with us:

We owned a mattress for about twelve years and finally decided to replace it. We took the Bedmatch test at the store and selected a new mattress that was built for me on one side and for him on the other. My husband I always suffered from lower back pain but never made the connection. I never would have thought it was our mattress. We wake up refreshed and pain free.


Kingsdown would like to thank our retail partner, Bob Mills Furniture, for sharing the following product-related review with us:

First of all, I loved how much time the salesperson took with me to talk about how I sleep and what issues I had. I couldn't believe how well trained the staff was with their focus on a good night sleep and not on selling me a mattress. I matched up with a Sleep to Live Specialist, which has been amazing. I can't say enough about how good this mattress really is compared to what I had. I now know the value of good sleep and it has changed my life.


I have always slept on Kingsdown. My parents had Kingsdown mattresses and I remember guests always commenting on how wonderfull the mattresses were. Keeping this tradition alive, my wife and I have Kingsdown thoughout our home. Our twin boys sleep on Kingsdown. Good to see that a local North Carolina employee owned company has survived.


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We were totally uninformed about the new mattresses and Katrina gave us plenty of time to decide. We used the computer program to determine what is best for us and she showed us what would do best for us. It has been a long time since someone was as patient and informative as her. We purchased our mattress from Mattress land and the 2 young men that delivered it and set it up was prompt and polite as can be. It was a true pleasure to be served by the sales lady and the two young men that delivered the new mattress and removed the old one. I have no idea how you could get a better deal or nicer service.


I purchased this mattress in February of 2013........for over a thousand dollars (just the mattress), having slept on it for right at 4 years now I can honestly say it was an awful waste of good money. The memory foam is typical "memory foam" ..... body impressions !!! And "you" can spout all you want that body impression are normal and OK but my 30 year old mattress that I replaced did not have a body impression one!!! Body impressions make your bed look like it came from a cheap motel room. One of these days the public will finally figure out the memory foam myth, the memory consists of the hole you sleep in. It compresses and does NOT bounce back, and after a couple years you really need another expensive mattress because it doesn't bounce back it just keep compressing till your sleeping on the underlayment plank.......I wake now with the same pressure point pains I replaced my previous 30 year old mattress for and it still slept better than this 4 year old Kingsdown Dudley.

Judy B  

My husband woke up a couple weeks ago and said we are buying a new bed. So we went down and Coleen took great care of us. I have not had a decent sleep in years. So finally we are waiting for our new bed. Reality is sinking in and I cannot believe we are actually spending this kind of money. I am looking forward to going to sleep, but sure hope all will be worth it. Guess what! I went to bed at midnight and you won't believe what time I woke up! My husband came in and said don't you think you ought to get up now. I said why what time is it? He answered it is11:30 in the morning. I laughed so hard to think that I have not slept all night in at least 5 years and I had just slept fitfully for almost 12 hours. I have been telling all my friends. It is amazing and I look forward to going to bed each night.

Julie Muscella  

My husband has to have a firm bed, but I need some comfort, so the Anniversary Silver bed was the one for us! We don't get hot like we used to and we feel great when we wake up. We love our King Kingsdown bed!


Bought a Kingsdown in 2003 still in great shape. Don't want to let it go. My wife wants a new Mattress . So I purchased another Kingsdown Vintage Caxton can't find any review on the Mattress can anyone help me out.


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My husband and I went to Mattress Land in Reno, near Lumber Liquidators to look for new mattresses. The salesman "David" used a computer that was hooked up to a special bed that measured where we needed more support and the areas that would get sore during the night, like the shoulder, hip, etc., causing us to wake up and turn over. The computer recommended a number that corresponded to the firmness or softness of each bed so that we knew where to start. We found a bed that we liked and we picked out a couple of sets of sheets and a new pillow.

We left feeling like we had a pleasant Customer Service experience with a person who was an expert in mattresses. After we had left, we had a lot oquestions that we did not think to ask while we were there. So we called Mattress Land several times and spoke to Rusty, and he gladly answered all of our questions. He was avery pleasant over the phone and there wans't a question that he could not answer. Approximately two weeks later we got a call saying that our mattress is in and we sheduled delivery for a Sunday morning. The delivery crew arrived right on time and they all were very nice. They brought in the new mattesses and set them up and took the old mattresses and hauled them away for us.

Awesome Customer Service is a thing of the past. People just do not seem to care like they use to. It was nice to get back to that good old fashioned Customer Service where they would go to the ends of the earth and back to have us as their customer. Thank you for the pleasurable friendly service, it was a delight working with you and your team of Representatives.


Our guests just rave about our beds. The Kingsdown mattresses are one of the very best investments we made at our Inn. It is funny how often those overnight guests who tell us the night before how early they get up will show up sheepishly apologizing for waiting so late to come down for breakfast! I just laugh and tell them it's the Kingsdown mattress!

Melody   (Innkeeper/owner - West Virginia)

After a month, I can honestly say, I am so glad we invested in our own health and well-being. The mattress has changed our lives. I know it sounds a little bit much to say but...let me explain. I am a certified chiropractic assitant and have been for 20 years. About ten years ago, I broke my back in a fall. I shattered my L5 disc. I suffer from periodic episodes of low back pain, sciatica, and groin pain. An adjustment along with therapy usually relieves the pain. This may explain why I was so fussy about what I slept on. I was told a firm mattress was the best idea for someone like me. I believed this and purchased a firm mattress for about $900. It was ok and seemed to be acceptable for about 5 years. Recently, I noticed my adjustments were becoming more frequent and I was waking up like someone had slept on top of me. My sleep was not a restful one. I found myself tossing and flipping because of uncomfortable aches. I decided it was time to purchase something to sleep on that helped. So I decided to ask my patients what they found to be the best. I was particularly interested in one of my patients who had suffered a serious car accident injury in both his low back and neck. He had remarked to me that he had finally found the answer to be a peaceful night's sleep. He suggested Kingsdown. He swore that it was well worth the extra cost. I questioned another patient who decided while she was pregnant that she needed something that could offer her and her temporarily misshapen body some support. She also raved about Kingsdown. I decided I would investigate this for myself. I had always thought "FIRM" was the buzz word. Now, and it makes perfect sense...I find that I am being totally cradled in a softer more body conforming mattress that affords me the best night's sleep I have ever had!!! I cannot believe what this mattress feels like. I fall asleep faster and do not feel that I am waking and tossing. I don't have the pressure that I had before by sleeping on a rock hard mattress. I am supported but much more than that I feel actually surrounded by my mattress instead of sleeping ON the mattress I am sleeping IN the mattress! I wake up without the aches and pains too. Our ONLY regret is we don't have a Kingsdown for our vacation home but we are working on that. It was well worth the money. I can't thank you enough. It is a great mattress that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Even my husband, who can sleep standing up, admits it is really a luxury sleep.


We have both an Aspiration Plush and an Aden Firm mattress. We have had them for one year and are very satisfied with both. We have the Aspiration Plush in our master bedroom. It has great support and the plush top makes it comfortable to sleep through the night. We have the Aden Firm in our guest room. All of our guests have said they had a great night sleep.


Bought it 7 years ago and still very comfortable. I recommend Kingsdown matelas with no hesitation.

Joe C.  

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My husband and I visited Mattress Land on our search for a new mattress after a good friend ranted and raved to us about his buying experience there. We really didn't know what we were looking for other than a bed that was comfortable and not too expensive and our friend swore this was the place. As the rather cheap lady that I am I thought for sure I wasn't going find anything in our price range and we were going to buy a mattress some place cheaper. But my husband decided we needed to check it out.

We were greeted with a smile by the super friendly manager, Terri. She talked to us a bit and encouraged us to try the machine that reads what kind of bed works best for you. It only took a couple minutes and it was easy. My husband & I just had to lay on this bed and it evaluated our bodies and what we would be most comfortable sleeping on.

We told Terri our budget and she showed us beds in our price range that would work best for our needs. She is really knowledgeable about the products and answered all our questions and I never felt pressure to buy anything. It was a fun process to try everything out and not feel like we were going to leave with something expensive we didn't want. We ultimately ended up buying a bed that afternoon. I am so glad we went with Mattress Land!!


Nine years ago we purchased our first Kingsdown mattresses for our Bed and Breakfast Inn. Time after time our guests have commented on the conmfort of the mattresses and what a great night's sleep they had. Each time we have told them about Kingsdown. By rotating the mattresses on a regular basis they have held up extremely well and after nine years are still like new. Their quality is exceptional. As a matter of course we have replaced the mattress in our own home, as well as that of family members, employees and friends with Kingsdown mattresses. All have been very happy.

Jack & Allison   (Owners/Innkeepers - New Jersey)

Kingsdown would like to thank our retail partner, Mattress Land, for sharing the following technology-related review with us:

The bf and I did the sleep fit test and asked a million questions. Chris was very knowledgeable and patient with us and we wound up picking an amazing bed. The sleep fit test is quite remarkable and I feel it was instrumental in helping us pick the right bed. It would have taken hours without it!! Thank you Mattress Land for the great night's sleep!

Also, they do mention when you purchase the bed that all stains will void the warranty and suggest you purchase a protective cover to help you stay within warranty, a step most places would skip.


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The Kingsdown pocketed coil mattress we got here has been "one of the best nights of sleep I've had" according to several of our guests, ranging in age from 30 - 74.


I had an opportunity to try out a Kingsdown mattress recently and after reveiwing the specifications and observing the quality of construction I decided to purchase the mattress. My husband and I have been immeasurably pleased with our choice. We have experienced the best sleep without the usual back problems we had experienced in the past. I would recommend Kingsdown to everyone.

Sharon   (Interior Designer - Kentucky)

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About a year and a half ago, we bought a Sleep to Live mattress and LOVE it. We brag about it to our friends and have never slept better in our lives. We are in the process of purchasing another one to replace the mattress in our extra bedroom. Outside of our home, this is the best investment we have ever made in our fourteen years of marriage.

Simon & Jacque