Silver and copper infused for better sleep health.

One of the newest additions to the most comfortable line-up of mattresses on the market today, Fresh Start combines the best of innerspring support with copper infused quilting, known for its many therapeutic benefits.

  • Anti-microbial cover
  • Silver infused temperature regulating fabrics
  • Copper infused foam and specialized latex layers
  • Advanced individually wrapped coil system

A fresh start begins here.

Fresh Comfort® Quilt
Silver infused fabric
Specialized latex foam
Individually-wrapped coils
Multi-level Support System
Adjustable Base Friendly

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Outstanding comfort.
Exceptional value.

A Kingsdown Prime mattress includes a level of quality and features not found in other mattresses in this price range making Prime an exceptional value. Cooling gel fibers and a multilevel coil system provides the pressure relief and support your body needs.

  • Infused cooling gel technology
  • Quilted comfort fabric
  • Individually wrapped, edge to edge coil system

Innovative mattress design

Fresh Comfort® quilt
Gel foam
Multi-level support system
Individually wrapped coils
Perimeter coils
Adjustable Base Friendly

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The quality and comfort of Passions™.

From cover to core, the Passions Collection gel-infused performance fabric, cushioning layer and individually wrapped coils delivers superior comfort and support. Passions mattresses combine the most advanced technologies and comfort enhancing materials for cooler, revitalizing sleep.

  • Tri-zoned wrapped coils for side x side comfort
  • Heavier gauge coils for additional lumbar support
  • Gel-infused memory foam and heat resistant layers
  • Motion separation foam for decreased partner disturbance

Get comfortable with active cooling and multi-level support

Fresh Comfort® quilt
CoolActive memory foam
Specialized latex comfort
Tri-zoned individually wrapped coils
Motion separation foam
Adjustable Base Friendly

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