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We’ve all experienced the feeling of waking up in a hotel room from a great night of sleep and reveling in the comfort of the bed. It is that experience that comes from the Kingsdown Hospitality Collection of mattresses that can be found in some of the world’s finest hotels.

Designed for Hoteliers

We understand the needs of today’s hoteliers and have built a reputation with some of the finest properties for exceptional service, comfort and durability. From destination resort chains to boutique hotels, Kingsdown is designed to deliver. Contact us and learn how our experience will make your guests’ nights more comfortable and their mornings brighter.

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    The cool, comforting embrace of Kadee.

    You’ll be ready to seize the day when you wake up on a Kadee mattress.  Advanced features and specially formulated foam layers combine to provide a sleep experience that you’ll embrace night after night. Consistent, cooling comfort and long-lasting quality that most only dream about.

    • Award winning fabric with cooling fibers and ventilated panels
    • Channeled foam layers to allow free air movement
    • Copper gel lumbar core with its natural antimicrobial properties
    • Body contouring comfort
    • Temperature regulating high-density foam layers

    Fresh and cool

    Airflow Performance Fabric
    Kadee fabric is made with cooling yarns in an open-knit structure to actively conduct heat away from the body and optimize ventilation for a cooler, more comfortable sleeping surface. 

    Expulse Air Plush Support 
    Ventilation channels are positioned across the full width of the support layer to allow air to move freely and escape easily through the sides.

    TriTech™ Gel Lumbar Support
    A unique cooling gel pad located in the lumbar section provides targeted support where it’s needed most enhanced by the natural wellness and antibacterial properties of copper.   

    Interlocking Foam Core with Airflow
    An interlocking core is precision cut to adapts to a variety of support needs, working in harmony with all foam layers to gently nest areas where weight is applied, reducing overall pressure.

    Flex Tech Fabric Base
    Designed to provide optimal compatibility with an adjustable base, we put a layer of stretch knit fabric on the base of the mattress that provides flexibility and protects the interlocking core. 

    Adjustable Base Friendly

    Ultimate comfort in a box, delivered to your door

    Award-winning cooling fabric, innovative core, and Kingsdown quality all rolled into a premium sleep experience, delivered direct to your door.

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    A mattress like a great sleep therapist.
    Cool, comforting and supportive.

    There are many choices for a mattresses in a box, but there is only one that offers over 115 years of time-tested features, delivering exceptional comfort and ergonomic support night after night. And, it’s as cool to sleep on as it is to own.

    • Lavender infused foam to promote relaxation and sleep wellness
    • Additional lumbar latex support layer
    • Ventilated zones for increased air flow
    • Body responsive sleep experience

    You’ll be really comfy.

    Cool cotton blend fabric cover
    It sleeps as cool as it looks with a special blend of high-quality cotton, polyester and spandex. C3 phase change technology keeps your bed cool even when your body warms. 

    Lavender infused ventilation extreme foam
    Infused foam with the natural relaxing qualities of lavender unites with Ventilation Extreme Foam that does not react to body heat or ambient temperature.

    High density foam
    The best of visco high-density comfort foam ensures consistent sleep surface and additional support for long-lasting sleep performance. 

    Zoned latex support
    We enhanced the sleep experience with a multi-zoned, ergonomic, perforated air flow foam to reinforce lumbar support while also ensuring breathability. 

    Flexible air flow foam
    The foam core is designed with horizontal air channels to increase air circulation and improve flexibility when used with an adjustable base. 

    Adjustable Base Friendly

    There’s a ton of features that make up our roll-packed Lavande mattress. A unique combination of premium fabrics, lavender infused foam, cooling air-flow technology and multi-zoned latex are all sleep engineered for maximum support and long-lasting comfort.

    What’s with all the talk about Lavender and Copper?

    New science suggests that Lavender’s snooze-inducing properties are nothing to sniff at. Lavender has a soothing reputation as a natural alternative to help you relax, unwind and let go of stress.

    Copper is said to offer circulatory benefits and can help keep a bed cleaner and fresher than any other known naturally occurring mineral.

    Lavande Mattress Options

    Unique lavender infused foam, supportive latex and ergonomically designed airflow technology provides a unique sleep experience.

    Sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen and king

    Medium firm to firm comfort options

    10 year warranty.

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