A new wave of comfort

The coolest, most comfortable sleep experience rolled into a box because innovation never sleeps at Kingsdown. Cool Wave is one of the finest mattresses available, specially designed so air flows freely on the inside to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

  • Specially designed air flow fabric and ventilated foam
  • Copper, silver, and graphite infused foam assures freshness over time
  • Temperature regulating layers
  • Adaptable, interlocking core to meet varying levels of support

Our Cool Wave has been called “the coolest mattress in the world™”. A breakthrough combination of specialized foam construction and award winning performance fabric provides years of delightful sleep.

Adaptive comfort foam
Expulse air support system
TriTech™ gel lumbar support
Breathable, interlocking foam core
Flex Tech fabric base
Adjustable base friendly

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The Art of Sleep.

Zedbed artisan foam mattresses have been handcrafted for beautiful sleep for nearly 30 years. Infused with essential oils and minerals, our eco-friendly foams are designed for the healthiest, restorative sleep possible.

  • Proprietary high-density foam formulation
  • European spa-like inspired design
  • Infused with therapeutic copper and lavender elements
  • Maximized cooling comfort
  • Breakthrough technology for uniform weight distribution
  • Adjustable Base Friendly

The perfect balance of comfort and eco-friendly components.

A Zedbed uses soy bean oil in its memory foam replacing hydrocarbons while maintaining maximum density. 

All beds are made using water-based glue certified safe for the environment by the Greenguard Environmental Institute. 

Zedbed foundations use wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to reduce CO2 emissions. 

A Zedbed foam mattress uses food coloring in all its products instead of chemical color additives. 

Knit fabrics feature bamboo rayon, organic cotton, or recycled polyester and are made a short drive from our plant, lowering transportation expense and limiting CO2 emissions. 

Zedbed foam is formulated with a water base to limit emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

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