The world’s most uniquely formulated foam bed.

Specially formulated, eco-friendly soy-based foam is infused with botanicals and therapeutic elements for the most naturally comfortable sleep you’ll ever experience. Superior density with every pressure relief and comfort detail considered for a foam sleep experience unlike any other in the world.

  • Proprietary high-density foam formulation
  • European spa-like inspired design
  • Infused with therapeutic copper and lavender elements
  • Maximized cooling comfort
  • Breakthrough technology for uniform weight distribution
  • Adjustable Base Friendly

The perfect balance of comfort and eco-friendly components.

A Zedbed uses soy bean oil in its memory foam replacing hydrocarbons while maintaining maximum density. 

All beds are made using water-based glue certified safe for the environment by the Greenguard Environmental Institute. 

Zedbed foundations use wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to reduce CO2 emissions. 

A Zedbed foam mattress uses food coloring in all its products instead of chemical color additives. 

Knit fabrics feature bamboo rayon, organic cotton, or recycled polyester and are made a short drive from our plant, lowering transportation expense and limiting CO2 emissions. 

Zedbed foam is formulated with a water base to limit emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

See the Zebed foam collection.

The boutique group of the Kingsdown brand, Zedbed is located in Quebec, Canada and creates spa-like artisan foam mattresses with a design quality that is truly unique in the foam bed category.

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