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Kingsdown’s bedMATCH Diagnostic System Changing the Way Consumers Shop for Mattresses

June 18, 2014

Kingsdown, Inc., a leading sleep solutions company, continues to change the mattress retail environment and the way consumers select the best mattress for their needs.  The “bed-tech” company is the brain behind bedMATCH™, a patented diagnostic system that uses science to determine the right mattress best suited for a person’s body type and sleeping position. 

Basic physiological and sleep habit information are entered into the confidential bedMATCH portal where hundreds of data points are calculated and a colored coded mattress recommendation is printed.  The data sheet cuts through the clutter and directs consumers to the mattress that meets their specific needs. The color spectrum includes gold (ultra-soft support), green (medium-soft support), blue (medium-firm support) and red (very firm support).

“Buying a mattress is one of the most dreaded shopping experiences for consumers because they often feel intimated by sales people and directed towards certain brands, rather than the best bed for their sleeping needs,” says Frank Hood, President and CEO, Kingsdown. “bedMATCH is an agnostic diagnostic system invented by Kingsdown employees through years of research and development that recommends the best bed in the store, with the right support for that shopper, allowing them to feel assured that they are getting the best option before spending their hard-earned money.”   

The bedMATCH four-step process is easy to use.


STEP 1: Create Your Profile

Answer a few simple questions and the bedMATCH system builds your personal profile.

STEP 2: Lie on the bedMATCH Test Bed

Lie on the bedMATCH test bed and after only five minutes, 18 statistical measurements and over 1,000 calculations determine your correct level of postural support.

STEP 3: Mattress Recommendations

bedMATCH provides a personalized printout that gives you a color-coded recommendation for proper postural support.

STEP 4: Choose Your Mattress based on your specific color code

The bedMATCH system is available at several strategically placed retailers across the U.S. Consumers can also tap into the online tool to get their personalized recommendation and are encouraged to print it out and bring it with them to the nearest bedMATCH retail store.

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