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New Kingsdown Adaptive Foam Series Uses Latest Cooling Technology & Delivers Individualized Progressive Support

July 27, 2019

Employing the latest memory foam cooling technology, leading mattress manufacturer Kingsdown will unveil the Body Essential® Collection at the upcoming Las Vegas Market. The three-model luxury lineup features multiple layers of breathable foam for enhanced airflow coupled with individualized support.

Unlike traditional foam mattresses with solid cores, Body Essential is engineered with multiple layers of breathable foams with vertical and horizontal air channels that help transfer warmer air out of the mattress and away from the body. These layers not only yield cooler, more comfortable sleep, but also are anatomically zoned to respond to support variances from head to toe. This smart design mitigates pressure-buildup on the shoulders and hips for side sleepers. 

The core is engineered with a Progressive Support system that self-adjusts and adapts to the support needs of all body types and sizes. The unique tongue-and-groove design allows both sleep partners, who may have very different support needs, to enjoy individualized support on each side of the bed. 

Another key feature of the Body Essential is an embedded micro-coil lumbar support zone that targets the lower back area for stronger support where it’s needed most. 

“Body Essential focuses on three main tenets: comfort, support, and temperature control. This line offers a great foam sleep experience without the typical temperature issues,” said Frank Hood, chief executive officer of Kingsdown. “The embedded layer of micro-coils in the lumbar area that delivers stronger support where it’s needed most.”

Each Body Essential mattress is available flat packed or as a roll-packed boxed bed.

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