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Kingsdown Gives bedMATCH Comprehensive Update with 3D Technology

February 1, 2018

Kingsdown, the leader in sleep diagnostics, is upping the ante with the latest iteration of its bedMATCH system designed to empower consumers in buying a sleep system that offers the type of support best suited for them. The new system offers testing with 3-D technology designed to measure the body with a complete 360-degree image that will better marry consumers to the most supportive mattress for their sleep needs.

The new system is more precise in its measurements and has a newly designed retail kiosk that better showcases the measurement process for consumers. Sleeker than the previous bedMATCH pod, the updated version also features a high-definition screen positioned above the bed that displays the consumer’s body in 3-D.

“Our newest transformation of bedMATCH significantly moves the needle on technology designed to help consumers find the best mattress. These updates put bedMATCH light years ahead of other diagnostic systems in the marketplace,” said Frank Hood, chief executive officer of Kingsdown. “We remain committed to helping clear up the confusion surrounding buying a new mattress, and the new bedMATCH better demonstrates how the measurements combine to make a mattress recommendation.”

Widely recognized as the industry standard in sleep technology, Kingsdown introduced bedMATCH in 2011 to help guide consumers’ mattress purchase decision-making process. The system takes more than 1,000 calculations and uses 18 different statistical measurements on pain criteria, flexibility of lumbar curve, distribution of weight in various anatomical zones and more. The system also incorporates gender, height and other body specifications. Once the data is gathered and calculated, bedMATCH recommends a family of mattresses that will provide the appropriate support using Kingsdown’s gold, green, blue and red designations for support levels. Upon making its determination, the new kiosk lights up in the gold, green, blue or red to signal the recommended mattresses for the consumer.

“Buying a mattress is a confusing and often overwhelming process,” said Kevin Damewood, executive vice president of sales and marketing. “bedMATCH helps eliminate that confusion and assures consumers that the recommended mattress will provide them with the proper support.”

A brand agnostic system, bedMATCH also works with mattresses outside of the Kingsdown family of products.

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