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The Kingsdown bedMATCHâ„¢ Diagnostic System Tops 11 Million Consumer Profiles

August 15, 2017

bedMATCH May Be "Richest" Consumer Database in Industry

bedMATCH™ has hit a significant milestone by reaching 11 million consumer profiles in its extensive database. Introduced in 2011, there are currently more than 1,000 bedMATCH diagnostic systems being used by nearly 100 retailers around the globe to help consumers discover the type of support best suited for them.

 A brand agnostic technology, bedMATCH works with any brand of mattress and was the first comprehensive diagnostic technology in the industry. The system uses 18 statistical measurements and more than 1,000 calculations to assist consumers in determining the best mattress to deliver the correct level of postural support and pressure relief for their specific body type and sleeping position. Without sharing the identity of consumers, Kingsdown is able to “slice and dice” information for retailers to give a better handle on the actual needs and preferences of their customers.

“When we rolled out bedMATCH six years ago, we knew it would be transformational for consumers shopping for new mattresses and for our retail partners looking to fulfill that sale,” said Frank Hood, CEO of Kingsdown. “Retailers using the system have a much higher chance of closing the sale and lower chance of a comfort return that dealers who don’t use bedMATCH. Eleven million people have created profiles during the shopping experience, and each additional profile in the database allows for a sharper and better diagnosis.”

A leader in selling better sleep through scientific technology, Kingsdown entered the sleep diagnostic approach to mattress selection in 1997, and since then, the company has refined and improved upon its patented technology. bedMATCH gathers statistical measurements on pain criteria, flexibility of lumbar curve, distribution of weight in various anatomical zones, and more.

“We’re excited to mark this impressive milestone, and humbled that so many of our valued consumers have trusted us in helping them find their perfect mattress,” Hood said

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