Handcrafted luxury and comfort sleep engineered for personalized support

Feature rich, handcrafted elegance combine with careful attention to every comfort detail

As each day draws to a close, a sanctuary of luxury, elegance and quintessential comfort awaits that can only be experienced sleeping on a Vintage. Exquisitely handcrafted with the finest materials for astounding comfort and superior quality.

Your body deserves a uniquely personal sleep experience that only a Sleep to Live mattress can provide. Support is optimized with bedMATCH® to satisfy the unique needs of each sleep partner. The made-to-order support system ensures individualized side x side comfort.

in craftsmanship

Since 1904, craftsmanship and quality are hallmarks of every Kingsdown mattress, with comfort always being of primary importance. Not just the word, but rather how comfort is infused into every Kingsdown innerspring, hybrid, foam and air mattress collection.

Meet Your Match.

A Kingsdown exclusive, bedMATCH® is a virtual or in-store diagnostic system that matches your body to the mattress that provides you the best support and comfort. 

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