PressureSmart collection

Pressure Smart Collection

Pressure Smart —the name says it all. This collection sets the standard for pressure relief and optimal support. From cover to core, four layers of temperature-regulating materials disperse heat away from the body while thick gel foam layers erase pressure points from head to toe for ultimate comfort.


Ultimate pressure relief

Fabrikool™ performance fabric

Pressure relieving gel foam layers

Quad Action copper, silver, graphite and gel memory foam

Patented Silent Partner® Construction

Individually Wrapped Coils with Posturized Support

Adjustable Base Friendly

Split TOP available


Split Top Construction


FabriKool™ Performance Fabric


Gel Quilt Comfort Layers


Gel Comfort Layers


Quad Action Memory Foam Lumbar Support


Tri-Zoned Wrapped Coils with Silent Partner® Construction


Full Body Surround® Edge Support

Active Cooling

Pressure Relief

Posturized Support

10 year warranty

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