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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question about your Kingsdown mattress? 
    Our customer service team is ready to help. First, please review our FAQ below.

    Approved Kingsdown dealers set their own retail prices and some of them have pricing online. Please check our retailer locator for a store near you.

    We do not recommend it because the surface on the underside of a one-sided mattress was not designed for sleeping. Sleeping on the underside of the mattress should not cause structural damage to the mattress but you may experience body impressions.

    Body impressions up to 1.5” are considered normal and desirable in luxury mattresses. Our mattresses are designed to conform to your body over time while still delivering correct postural support.

    To quote the Better Sleep Council on body impressions:  “Many of today’s top-quality mattresses use extra-plush foams and fibers to create comfort layers designed to cradle your body and relieve pressure. In the first few weeks you sleep on a new mattress with extra comfort layers, you will likely notice some body impressions on the surface. These impressions are normal. They indicate that the comfort layers are conforming to your body as they are supposed to do, and shouldn’t be considered a sign that something is wrong with your new mattress.”

    Please refer to your Mattress Care and Warranty booklet for any rotation instructions that may apply to your Kingsdown mattress.

    Materials in your sleep system will settle most within the first weeks of ownership. You should expect some degree of body signature, but deeper impressions should not occur. If they do, please contact the dealer where you originally purchased your sleep system.

    The foam that is used in the manufacturing process can produce off-gassing but this should dissipate within a week. This only occurs when the mattress comes straight through production and is sent directly to the customer. Kingsdown does not warehouse inventory, our beds are produced as they are ordered from our retail partners. We recommend airing the mattress out for a few days. If the odor persists, please contact the retailer where you originally purchased your sleep set.

    Mattresses wear out on different timetables due to numerous factors such as how the mattress is used (guest room, master bedroom, doubled as a trampoline for the kids, etc.), whether it’s cared for properly and the quality of the mattress itself. Another important consideration is how your personal comfort preferences or lifestyle and body might change over the years. We encourage you to assess your mattress after eight years and, depending on use, care, and your answers to the questions below, consider a replacement:\n

    • Are you sleeping better or worse than you did a year ago?
    • Are you waking up feeling stiff and sore?
    • Does your mattress have visible signs of wear and tear?
    • Would a new mattress improve your sleep?
    • The industry standard is to replace your sleep system every 8-10 years.

    When it comes to mattresses, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We are all built differently and have different comfort preferences, so why would the same mattress be “best” for all of us? To determine the mattress that’s best for you, we recommend using our proprietary diagnostic system, bedMATCH™. All Kingsdown mattress are crafted with care by employee-owners, and tested for quality and accurate postural support before they leave our facility.

    We highly recommend purchasing a new box spring with your new Kingsdown mattress. Our mattresses and box springs are made to work together as a cohesive unit. When a new mattress is placed on an old box spring, the old box spring does not allow the mattress to perform to its design capabilities for pressure relief and postural support.

    The specific model that you purchase determines your sleep system’s warranty.
    Download USA warranty
    Download Canadian warranty

    Contact Consumer Relations at 1-800-800-1353, Tuesday-Friday from 10:00am-2:00pm EST.

    The recommendation is to rotate after the first month of ownership and then four times per year, as the seasons change. Rotating your mattress allows the cushioning and insulation materials to be evenly and properly distributed, providing maximum comfort and longevity. Not all Kingsdown sleep systems require rotation; please refer to your Mattress Care and Warranty booklet for further details.

    It’s important to remember your Kingsdown sleep system will require sheets that fit loosely. Tight fitting sheets can create a “drum” surface on your mattress. If your sheets are too tight, this can cause a “roll to the middle” effect. If you’re in the market for new bed linens, we recommend Dream World Design. They manufacture bed linens to fit all Kingsdown sleep systems. You can contact them at 1-800-955-1322 or visit their website.

    It’s always a good idea to measure where your new mattress will strike your headboard. However, all quality mattresses are thicker and plusher today to allow for pressure relief and a better night’s sleep. Studies have shown that pressure is the biggest sleep thief at night. If your mattress is cutting off proper circulation and creating pressure points, you will awaken with aches and pain from tossing and turning. Have you ever noticed that your arm was numb or that you hip was still asleep even after you awoke? That’s a good indication that your mattress isn’t supporting or conforming to you properly.

    The last thing you want to give up is the comfort and support of your Kingsdown mattress. There are several possible solutions to making your new Kingsdown mattress work:

    • Use a low profile bed frame that is designed to lower your sleep system approximately 4”
    • Consider using an extra-low profile box spring
    • Talk with your sleep professional in the store and he or she may have other solutions they can suggest

    We have had some questions regarding heat. Different body chemistries react differently. Our sleep systems can generate some heat but this is due to the fact that our systems conform to your body and you tend to sleep longer in one position without adjustment, which is what you want. We suggest that you purchase a 100% cotton mattress pad or a thermally sensitive pad that will help wick away moisture. Using lighter weight bed linens is helpful as well.

    The first thing you should consider after buying a new bed is purchasing new sleeping pillows. This is the most important accessory to your new sleep system, and the smaller the better! A queen or king size pillow, though it may look nice when the bed is made up, is too large of a pillow for most people to sleep with. A big fluffy pillow, in conjunction with your conforming sleep surface, can cause improper postural alignment. We recommend a pillow that supports your neck and head in a natural way, keeping your spine aligned. When you buy a new mattress, give yourself two to three weeks to allow the bed to start conforming to your body, and to allow your body to adjust to proper postural support.

    New sleep technology, combined with new foams and fibers, means you no longer have to suffer on a hard, uncomfortable mattress. Kingsdown mattresses support your body properly while also providing a comfortable sleep surface that relieves pressure points.

    Motion separation foam is an enhancement to our wrapped coil innerspring systems. It separates the mattress into sleep zones where one doesn’t influence the other. This is especially good at preventing active sleepers from disturbing their partner.

    Always carry a mattress flat on its side. It’s easier to handle and less likely to get damaged. If you’re going to be dragging the mattress or moving it from location to location, be sure to wrap your mattress in plastic to prevent dirt and damage. When carrying a mattress through a doorway try to not bend the mattress. Most mattresses can be gently flexed through doorways.

    A mattress pad and proper bed frame are the best ways to protect your mattress. Keep it free and clear of any liquids. Read our Warranty for more information.

    You will need to make sure that your frame has an extra center support in the middle, with a center leg resting firmly on the floor. This support will help prevent the mattress from bowing and sagging. A center support is required to comply with the warranty.

    The following examples show different types that are compliant with your warranty:

    Kingsdown USA
    attn: Support Services
    P.O. Box 388
    Mebane, NC 27302

    Consumer Relations & Warranty Support
    Tuesday–Friday. 10:00am–2:00pm EST

    USA Retailers

    Kingsdown Canada
    5800 Steeles Avenue
    West Woodbridge
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