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Sleep Smart Air

Intelligent sleep at your command.

Introducing Sleep Smart® Air by Kingsdown, the first mattress with IntelliMax™ technology, a system of brilliant features that work together to provide consistently smarter sleep. These unique features allow you to enjoy personalized support that’s adjustable, so your mattress can change as your needs change. Unlike other adjustable mattresses, Sleep Smart mattresses feature three support zones on each side of the mattress with independently controlled lumbar support. Sleep Smart is also the only adjustable mattress that provides a support system based on proven science, taking guesswork out of the support equation. With a specialized power base, a custom app that controls all support zones and the power base, and performance fabric that prevents heat buildup, the IntelliMax Technology system gives Sleep Smart mattresses best-in-class features. Experience the mattress designed specifically to give you all the benefits of smarter sleep.

10-year Sleep System Warranty

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5-year Electronics Warranty

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Why Kingsdown?

The Kingsdown name carries with it more than 100 years of quality and ingenuity, and our highly-skilled craftsmen are proud to embroider it on each sleep set they construct.

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