My Side™ Mattresses

Not all Foam is Created Equal

Different people require different foam combinations to achieve uncompromised comfort and support that accounts for both sides of the bed. My Side™ offers mattress combinations in Visco foam, latex and gel. My Side™ mattresses are built with two individual sleep zones and four distinct postural support structures for pressure relief. This allows you to stay in one position longer for a deeper night’s sleep.

  • My Side™ beds feature Cool Wave technology that allows for a cooler sleep surface than conventional foam mattresses.
  • My Side™ mattresses boast a newly engineered core that follows the same science, research, and diagnostic premise of My Side™ innerspring mattresses.
  • My Side™ models include gel, and various mattresses that combine gel, visco, and latex.

Backed by decades of scientific research, our revolutionary My Side™ sleep systems rely on bedMATCH® technology to determine the most appropriate support level for every body type and sleeping position.