My Side Technology™

It's Sleep. Personalized.™

My Side Technology™ combines state-of-the-art materials with the latest scientific findings to deliver proper postural support and pressure relief so you and your sleep partner can stay in one position longer for a deeper night’s sleep.

Now available in foam and innerspring models, each mattress is tested and Sleep to Live Institute Certified to offer the proper postural support and pressure relief for your body.

My Side™ sleep systems feature three unique cooling technologies:

  • Cool Wave™ Foam
  • Exclusive

    Superior pressure relief and air ventilation

    Special fabric enhances permeability and breathability

  • Arctic Wave™
  • Contour cut gel panels

    Superior pressure distribution

    Dissipates heat

  • Chilly Wave™
  • Cooling gel infused memory foam

    100% compression recovery

    Incredible durability


Backed by decades of scientific research, our revolutionary My Side™ sleep systems rely on bedMATCH® technology to determine the most appropriate support level for every body type and sleeping position.