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Kingsdown Sleep Haven mattresses are specially designed to address and overcome the four things most likely to disrupt sleep - pressure, support, temperature and motion. How does it work? Layers of specialty foam deliver exceptional pressure relief while keeping your body properly aligned and supported, giving you the sensation of floating on a cloud. These same foam layers are constructed to deliver motion separation that keeps your sleep partner's movements from disturbing your sleep. In our Sleep Haven Hybrid mattress sleep sets, wrapped innerspring coils work with the foam layers to provide conforming support with exceptional pressure relief - and a unique combination of gel and graphite infused foam, gel fiber and performance fabric wicks away moisture and heat to maintain an ideal temperature throughout the night. While each feature in Sleep Haven mattresses provides a particular sleep benefit, together they deliver restorative nights, refreshing mornings, and a great night's sleep.

Personalized support for every body type and sleep style.

BODYSCIENCE™ technology is a scientific system built right into the mattress. It ensures that every mattress we make delivers proper ergonomic support.

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Key Features

Ideal Support

Ideal Support

Inherently breathable latex foam works with our Ultra Supportive Foam Core Layer to keep your body properly aligned and supported while providing exceptional pressure relief.

Ideal Sleep Temperature

Ideal Sleep Temperature

Fresh Comfort® Quilt with cooling gel fibers on the surface of the mattress, and gel-infused foams just beneath, help maintain an ideal body temperature for healthier sleep.

Ideal Pressure Relief

Ideal Pressure Relief

CoolEnhance Latex Foam enhances conformance and cooling below the surface of the mattress for optimal temperature control.

Designed for Undisturbed Sleep

Designed for Undisturbed Sleep

Luxury foam layers in Sleep Haven are constructed to deliver motion separation that keeps your sleep partner's movements from disturbing your sleep.

Additional Features

Luxurious Latex Foam

Triple Layers of Resilient Latex Foam enhances pressure relief and maximizes supportive comfort.

Full Body Surround® Edge Support

High-density foam on all sides of this exceptional edge support system provides a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface with superior support.


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10-year Warranty

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Why Kingsdown?

All Kingsdown mattresses are carefully constructed by highly-skilled craftsmen who share ownership in the company. So when they embroider the Kingsdown name on each sleep set, it's their name, and it carries more than 100 years of quality and ingenuity.

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