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A masterpiece of modern sleep.

Downton Abbey®

Inspired by the grandeur of the award-winning drama, Downton Abbey® by Kingsdown is a masterful blend of romance and refinement. Sophisticated styling, with the ruggedness of houndstooth and leather and the delicacy of lace, makes each mattress a modern classic. Coil-on-coil construction and luxury foams provide indulgent support and sumptuous comfort, while a cushioning layer of silk and wool fiber regulates temperature at the sleep surface. An unparalleled attention to detail, from design to construction, makes each handcrafted sleep set a testament to timeless quality and artistry. Downton Abbey by Kingsdown features vintage style and elegance on the outside, and the best of modern sleep science on the inside for a truly exceptional sleep experience.

Personalized support for every body type and sleep style.

BODY SCIENCE™ technology is a scientific system built right into the mattress. It ensures that every mattress we make delivers proper ergonomic support.

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Key Features

Gel Memory Foam

Gel Memory Foam

Experience the body conforming support of memory foam with the added benefit of cooling gel that absorbs body heat.

Luxurious Latex Foam

Luxurious Latex Foam

This resilient foam delivers exceptional pressure-relief so your body can stay in one position longer, resulting in deeper sleep.

Perimeter Coils with Tri-Zoned Support

Perimeter Coils with Tri-Zoned Support

These coils deliver reinforced support along all edges and extra support in the center, where your body needs it most.

Individually-wrapped Innerspring

Individually-wrapped Innerspring

Our individually-wrapped innerspring coils are engineered to conform to your body, providing individualized comfort and lasting support while reducing motion transfer.

Additional Features

Luxurious Cushioning Fibers

A cushioning blend of wool and silk fiber provides enhanced pressure relief, cushioning comfort and natural insulation that regulates temperature at the sleep surface.

Enhanced Lumbar Support

Specialized layer of gel memory foam lumbar support works with our unique coil unit to provide targeted lumbar support that's designed to last.

Full Body Surround® Edge Support

High-density foam on all sides of this exceptional edge support system provide a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface with superior support while airflow channels allow air to circulate freely.


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Downton Abbey Collection mattress construction

Edwardian Lace VII model pictured

Downton Abbey Collection mattress construction

Country Living V model pictured

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10-year Warranty

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Why Kingsdown?

All Kingsdown mattresses are carefully constructed by highly-skilled craftsmen who share ownership in the company. So when they embroider the Kingsdown name on each sleep set, it's their name, and it carries more than 100 years of quality and ingenuity.

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