• Stylish Cover
  • CHILLY WAVE™ Plus Gel Infused Memory Foam with Air Flow Channels
  • 6.5" ProSupport Engineered Core
  • Full Body Surround® Edge Support System
  • Wood Foundation
  • Certified by the Sleep to Live Institute

    Stylish Cover

    Chilly Wave™ Plus Gel Infused Memory Foam with Air Flow Channels
    Cooling Support and body conforming foam with airflow channels; Integrated gel beads absorb the heat from surrounding memory foam cells and ventilations allow the heat to escape

    6.5" ProSupport Engineered Core
    Specifically engineered for enhanced support and comfort, an inverted ProSupport Plus layer with vertical air channels works with the Channel-cut ProSupport layer providing both vertical and horizontal airflow with superior superior Vertical Zoning®; This channel cut design allows for a personalized sleep experience as different body types are all properly supported

    Full Body Surround® Edge Support System
    Six-sided foam encasement of the mattress core providing an edge-to-edge sleep surface and superior edge support

    Wood Foundation
    A supportive surface using lumber from managed forests

    Certified by the Sleep to Live Institute
    Certified to meet postural support construction master standards

About Blu-Tek™

“A mattress that builds heat disrupts the natural fall of core body temperature, negatively impacting sleep and wellness. Blu-Tek™ allows your core body temperature to decrease naturally.” --Dr. Robert Oexman, Director of the Sleep To Live Institute

Why is Kingsdown Blu-Tek the coolest bed in the world? We’ll show you.

  • An industry first solution to horizontal and vertical air flow inside the mattress
  • Pro Support Engineered Foam Working Core for personalized support
  • Airflow comfort layers and gel-infused memory foam with air flow channels
  • Phase change gel
  • Ventilated fabrics and edge support system
  • Industry leading quality control testing

Experience a revolutionary new design that will change the way you think of foam mattresses.